Information on Addiction Inpatient Treatment Centers

What You Need to Know About Addiction Inpatient Treatment Centers

Are you currently suffering from drug addiction? Do you feel alone and helpless? You are not alone in your addiction! It may be time to think about checking into an inpatient rehab program. With some support, you can become sober and stay sober. Connect with Cuyahoga Falls addiction centers today, at (330) 645-8001. When examining addiction inpatient treatment centers, it is important to remember that while it is a big decision -- it is an important one.

What is Detox

Inpatient detox usually lasts somewhere between five and fourteen days. The severity of the withdrawal symptoms depends upon how much the person has been using and for how long the person has been using. The duration of time necessary for detox also depends upon which type of substance the person has been using. Cuyahoga Falls addiction detox centers are trained and prepared to assist you in this arduous process.

Detox is the mechanism by which the body rids itself of the drugs. Once you stop taking drugs, your body begins to go through withdrawal. These symptoms can be severe, and, as aforementioned, depend upon various things. Some common withdrawal symptoms include stomach cramping, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, sweats, and headaches.

If the symptoms are intense enough, you could be a candidate for medical detox. Medical detox is when medications are administered to the individual in order to help soften the blow of the withdrawal symptoms. You are monitored by experienced medical staff around-the-clock to ensure your safety.


Cuyahoga Falls addiction centers have your best needs at heart. A good treatment program is tailored to the individual. You should also note that detox is only the first step to sobriety. Once the detox phase is completed -- you should be proud because what you have accomplished is no easy feat. Next, comes rehab. Unfortunately, some people believe they do not need rehab and complete their treatment after detox. These individuals are the ones that at higher risk for relapse.

Should you have additional questions about detox or rehab, contact addiction inpatient treatment centers for more information. Inpatient care is superior to outpatient care in that it removes the individual from their environment and allows for a complete immersion in their treatment. Sometimes it is best not to be able to call your drug dealer at all hours of the day. Another benefit to addiction inpatient treatment centers is that the you will be surrounded by a group of individuals who find themselves in the same position that you are in.

Once you begin treatment, you will begin a series of different types of therapy. It is common to meet with someone to determine whether or not you are a dual-diagnosis candidate. Some people who suffer from addiction are also suffering from a mental health condition. Sometimes these people use drugs in order to self-medicate.

In the case of an individual with a dual-diagnosis, they must be treated for the condition and the addiction separately. Each case differs so it is crucial that they be treated thusly.

In therapy, you will learn to identify the root-cause of your addiction and how to cope with it. Of the utmost importance is that you understand triggers and how to avoid them! At addiction inpatient treatment centers, the staff will work with you in order to help build the foundation for a sober tomorrow. One size does not fit all here.


Cuyahoga Falls addiction detox centers are a great place to begin your journey on the road to recovery. Upon departure, you should be equipped with the tools you will need to succeed post-rehab. Those who are most successful often participate in twelve-step meetings or have a therapist at the ready -- you must have a support system in place to be victorious in the fight against addiction.






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